A large permaculture farm. A forest. More.

The Tamarind Valley Farming Collective is a beautiful farm set amidst the Melagiri hills near Anchetty, adjoining the forest there. A community came together to rejuvenate a degraded landscape, regrow a food-forest and create it as their joint home there.

The farm practices principles of permaculture and regenerative farming – which means there’s tons to learn and do, and really awesome food!

The hills and the woods present opportunities for some lovely hikes and present pretty views of the valley (with many a Tamarind tree there, of course!). As the farm has improved and the forest as returned, so has the bird life (as well as animals) – it’s amazing for birdwatching and reconnecting with nature.

These are parts of the territory Kenneth Anderson walked and wrote about, and as you explore these you’ll understand the man’s fascination with the region…